A Skiing Medal Please

Our top skier
led us
his final. 
He was our best
chance at a medal
twenty years.

I watched an interview  
with him
the games. 

He was asked
he handled pressure. 

‘I’ve never really felt pressure’

I like this guy
I thought

he’s got what it takes
to be a winner.

As a country
often fall short
the pressures on.

up to the Olympics
became a household name

He was unusually
unknown before that; 

a multiple x games
but not celebrated

The media interviewed
him again
when he was more popular

"What’s it like having
behind you?”

"It’s cool, I’ve never had
watching me before”

On his final run
he needed a 90 score. 

He slipped on the
second rail
and ruined his chance
to medal.

Turns out he’s just like
the rest of us.

Except when 
no ones 

Life IS Good

My television is
the light
this temple

It is the space
the clouds,

the shop
not in
a mall,

the dorrito with
two sides

It reminds me
every day

Life is good.

It is an

It fills me with

a softly spoken

those stupid colours

I was reminded of
my retirement scheme

an advertisement
at the beginning
a hot chip video.

I wanted to be reminded of
not caring
effortlessly creating

but it’s too late now

the wave of ridiculous behaviour

I once let this girl take a picture
of my t-shirt
because she asked me to.

We were at a party
and I kind of new her and
kind of didn’t.

It was a shirt with four cats

but the four cats had the same face
so it was kind of just the same cat
with different coloured faces

Her friend bent down and
this girl took a picture
of her friend with my shirt.

You couldn’t see my face
only the friend and
the same cat, four times

I guess they
wanted to show their friends
how cool they were

“This is me next to
some guy’s cool t-shirt,”

“the guy wasn’t that cool
but me taking a picture next to
his cat t-shirt


daniel, from the cavalry


the daughters were frightened
but not against their will
when daniel came running
from the battle on the hill

"did you see what i saw?
i do not hope you will
i swear it wasn’t in me;
i didn’t think i could kill

i saw the inside
of my friend’s bones
the captain told me
it’s called marrow

when the light fell
i finally felt real
i’ve spent too much time
staring at the prayer wheel

when the night bell
rang i finally could heal
the world owes me
and i want to feel real

i belong in the battle
i don’t belong here
whiskey might might be blinding
but i feel no fear

i’d do it again momma,
i swear i’m sincere
i feel dead but i didn’t die
until i came back here

i belong in the battle

it’s where god wants me.”


I had guitar lessons when I was about ten. It was one of those awkward situations when your parents are trying to figure out what you’re good at and what you like doing, so they can encourage you to pursue a passion. You know in your heart what you want to do, and it’s not learning the guitar, but they make you do it because they love you.

          “We’re only making you do stupid shit because we care about you and want you to succeed.”

 It reminds me of when your friends make you do something crazy and your parents say,

          “If Johnny told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?”

You know you’re not going to jump off a cliff, no matter how many marbles Johnny said he would give you, because in your opinion Johnny is an idiot. The same idea applies here. Johnny asking me to jump off a cliff is just like Johnny asking me to go to guitar lessons. Yea I guess guitar lessons aren’t going to KILL me (that’s something else parents always seem to say) but hanging out with a weird dude in a music room is not spiritually unlike a cliff death.

In the end I was made to go, my parents used this guy who was my friend at the time as the main reason it was a good idea, he was getting guitar lessons and it should be cool to hang out with my mate and learn a new skill, especially a skill as cool as THE GUITAR. So it was me, this friend of mine, and an old guy who failed as a musician in the square room next to the school hall. My parents paid this guy like thirty dollars to apparently teach me as well, he had long hair, alternative glasses, and a freaky musical beard that I know was sported to assert authenticity in the skill of musicianship.

We sat there all holding our guitars, my friend and I opposite this old guy who wouldn’t even make a good step dad, and he told us about his credentials.

          “Yea I was in some bands in the eighty’s and I’ve played guitar for this many years…”

My friend cut him off and said

         “Oh, my Dad’s still in a band, he plays bass, they play like every Tuesday.”

You would hope that most teachers would pass this off as casual conversation but this guy…  Wow, you should have seen his eyes TURN INTO THE SUN.  

          “Your dad’s in a band?! I’m wanting to start/join a band, what are they called? Does your dad need a new guitarist?”

My friend was kind of a loser, (I stopped enjoying his company pretty much then) he mistook desperation for interest and ended up thinking this weird musician was a pretty cool guy.

The music man from then on started to treat my friend like a protégé, and my friend, not having many friends to begin with, thought this whole learning guitar thing was pretty swell. Meanwhile I was picking my nails, wondering when this fifty year old loser was going to give me the change from the money I gave him so I could hit the dairy up and get a bag of fucking sour snakes. 


I’ll never be fat
around the face

I’ll be fat in my
because I drink
and when I drink
I drink them often.

Some people
will get
fat in the face
not drink a single

Like when fit people
die of
heart attacks.

That’s really

I was a fit person
but since
I’ve been drinking
it shows
in my stomach

It doesn’t show
in my face though

I’ve got like a magic

A magic face
a cool hat

My head is just

I have an acute phobia of wind turbines. I must be hideous. 


optometrist i am not

some people
so ugly
they consider
wind turbines
to be
visual pollution
they are so sure
of this
if the sun blinked
would probably
miss it.